The Magnificent Cacio di Pienza

Guardians of Dairy Biodiversity

The Val d'Orcia Dairy was established in 1964 with the aim of preserving the ancient dairy traditions of the region, which were at risk due to local farmers abandoning their farms and supporting shepherds who had migrated from Sardinia with their flocks to the mainland during those years. In this valley, all the conditions were present to ensure a future in this sector and thus enhance the local economy.

Over 50 different cheeses

All the goodness of Val d'Orcia

A rich selection of cheeses born from tradition, the desire to experiment, and a unique territory.


Our product lines

Different types of cheeses designed for you

The Val d'Orcia Dairy offers a wide variety of pecorino cheeses crafted to satisfy both palate and health needs. The sweetness of fresh cheeses, as well as the robust flavor of aged ones, can be found in both traditional and innovative product lines. This includes pecorinos made with vegetable rennet, lactose-free options, or organic milk, providing a unique and unforgettable sensory experience.

Best in Italy and the World

Our pecorinos are highly acclaimed

Our pecorinos were recognized as the best in Italy in 1990 and in the World in 2019 at the World Cheese Awards, judged by 260 experts among 3,804 candidates from 6 continents.


Il Blog di Caseificio Val d'Orcia

La passione per il pecorino raccontata dai suoi protagonisti

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