Dairy Val d'Orcia

The Magnificent Cacio di Pienza

Founded in 1964 from the passion of Don Oscar Guasconi, the Val d'Orcia Cooperative has successfully transformed pastoralism into a thriving reality. Today, 150 members contribute 11 million liters of milk annually, helping to enhance the pecorino of Val d'Orcia and protect the territory. More than just a dairy: the cooperative has stabilized milk prices, ensuring fair compensation for its members and promoting product quality.
The awards for the "Best Pecorino in Italy" in 1990 and the "Super Gold at the World Cheese Awards" in 2019 confirm its success. The cooperative looks to the future with optimism, ready to face new market challenges and continue to grow this small but significant entity. An example of collaboration: the history of the Val d'Orcia Cooperative demonstrates how, with collaboration and passion, great results can be achieved.


Passion for pecorino since 1964

The winding hills of Val d'Orcia, kissed by the sun and caressed by the wind, harbor a precious treasure: the Val d'Orcia Dairy. Its history, enveloped in the charm of tradition, traces its roots back to the 1960s, a decade of ferment and change.    An exodus of... ➔

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The Dairy

A stronghold of tradition

The Val d'Orcia Dairy, located in Contignano, stands as a fortress of ancestral flavors and knowledge. Its walls, which have guarded the art of cheesemaking for over 50 years, tell stories of passion, dedication, and a deep connection to the territory.    Here,... ➔

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The Cooperative

A symphony of values

Born in 1964 from the visionary insight of Don Oscar Guasconi, the Val d'Orcia Dairy Cooperative is not just a business but a true symphony of values. A harmony of intentions unfolds among the hills of Val d'Orcia, uniting shepherds, master cheese makers, and lovers... ➔

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A temple of taste

The Val d'Orcia Dairy store is not a simple shop but an ode to pecorino, a hymn to the authentic and genuine flavors of tradition. A place where the palate is intoxicated with aromas and nuances, in a sensory journey to discover the infinite variations of sheep's... ➔

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