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Decagonal gift box shaped pecorino cheese.
The peculiarity that distinguishes this product is an unusual ripening process. Ripening is a natural process conducted in a special grotto sculpted in tufa stone—a habitat in which the cheese acquires unique aromas and flavors as it ages. “truly unforgettable” The cheese is allowed to mature in the carefully-controlled conditions of the grotto for about 2 months, during which time the rind is treated with oil to allow the cheese to develop harmoniously.
Packaging / Format Gift box containing a whole 1.4 kg Pecorino Val d'Orcia Grotta cheese in a bowl shape

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The Dairy The Dairy

The Val d'Orcia Dairy was established in 1964 with the aim of preserving the ancient dairy traditions of the region, which were endangered by local farmers abandoning their farms during those years. The goal was to support the shepherds who had relocated from Sardinia with their flocks to the mainland. In this valley, all the conditions were present to ensure a future in this sector and consequently enhance the local economy.

A precious milk sourced from flocks freely grazing among the untouched hills of Val d'Orcia, enriched by the unique fragrances and scents of this renowned land, celebrated for the distinctiveness of its natural and aromatic herbs such as thyme, savory, artemisias, and other common plants in the clayey soil of Val d'Orcia. These elements give the cheeses a distinctive and unmatched character.
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